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R708. Public Safety, Driver License.

Rule R708-44. Citation Monitoring Service.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R708-44-1. Purpose.

The purpose of this rule is to define the procedures, requirements and format for disclosing personal identifying information in accordance with Section 53-3-109(3).

R708-44-2. Authority.

This rule is authorized by Section 53-3-109(7)(g).

R708-44-3. Definitions as Used in This Chapter.

"Citation Monitoring Service (CMS)" means an electronic service whereby the Driver License Division database is monitored on a regular basis to determine if a reportable moving violation has been entered on a specific driving record within the month prior to the date of the request. The requestor will receive a "YES or NO" response that indicates whether a reportable moving violation has been entered on the driver's record during the previous month. If the information submitted by the requestor does not match a driver's record on the database, the requestor will receive an unable to locate (UTL) response.

R708-44-4. Procedures.

(1) Upon receipt of a request for a notification pursuant to Section 53-3-109(3), the division will provide this monitoring service on any person who has a Utah license certificate.

(2) The Driver License Division database contains certain personal identifying information and is protected from public disclosure for privacy reasons in accordance with the federal Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (DPPA), Section 53-3-109 and Title 63G, Chapter 2 (Government Records Access and Management Act).

R708-44-5. Requirements.

(1) CMS is only available to qualified requesters in accordance with the DPPA and Section 53-3-109(3).

(2) In order to be eligible for the CMS, the requester must:

(a) provide acceptable proof that they are an insurer as defined under Section 31A-1-301, or a designee of an insurer as defined under Section 31A-1-301;

(b) enter into a contract with the division or its designated provider to obtain this service;

(c) provide the name, date of birth, and Utah license certificate number for the person for which they are seeking monitoring and notification;

(d) pay required fees as established by the division;

(e) agree to comply with state and federal laws regulating the use and further disclosure of information on the Driver License Division database; and

(f) comply with auditing processes and procedures required by the division or its designated provider.

R708-44-6. Electronic Transactions.

The Citation Monitoring Service will be transacted electronically, as approved by the division.


driver license, motor vehicle record, citation monitoring service

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

August 8, 2006

Notice of Continuation

January 19, 2016

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