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R728. Public Safety, Peace Officer Standards and Training.

Rule R728-506. Canine Body Armor Restricted Account.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R728-506-1. Purpose.

The purpose of this rule is to establish the required documentation a law enforcement agency must provide when applying to the division to receive funds under Section 53-16-301.

R728-506-2. Authority.

This rule is authorized by Section 53-16-302 which provides that the department shall make rules prescribing information that a law enforcement agency shall include with its application to obtain funds from the account.

R728-506-3. Definitions.

(1) The terms used in this rule are defined in Section 53-1-102.

(2) In addition:

(a) "account" means the Canine Body Armor Restricted Account;

(b) "agency" means a law enforcement agency;

(c) "awarded funds" means the funds appropriated by the department from the account;

(d) "department" means the Utah Department of Public Safety;

(e) "POST" means the Division of Peace Officer Standards and Training;

(f) "law enforcement administrator" means a police chief, sheriff, public safety director, or superintendent of a law enforcement agency; and

(g) "law enforcement work" means patrol functions.

R728-506-4. Application Process.

(1) An agency that wishes to receive awarded funds may submit an application.

(2) The application must be addressed to POST and contain the following:

(a) the application form, which is available from POST;

(b) a written cost estimate prepared by the seller;

(c) proof of purchase;

(i) if proof of purchase is not available at the time the agency submits the application, the agency must submit it within 90 days of purchasing the armor;

(d) the signature of the law enforcement administrator certifying the following:

(i) the agency meets the requirements listed in Section 53-16-301(4)(a);

(ii) the police service canine is trained for law enforcement patrol duties; and

(iii) the police service canine is used or will be used in patrol functions.

(3)(a) All applications must be submitted before the first day of November in order to be eligible for awarded funds from the current fiscal year.

(b) If no applications are received before the first day of November, the award funds shall remain in the account until the next fiscal year.


Canine Body Armor Restricted Account

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

January 26, 2015

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October 28, 2019

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