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R746. Public Service Commission, Administration.

Rule R746-400. Public Utility Reports.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R746-400-1. Scope and Applicability.

This rule is promulgated by Section 54-3-21 and applies to public utilities and telecommunications corporations operating in the state of Utah. This rule shall not limit the ability of the Commission, or the Division, to otherwise obtain information from these entities, as provided by other rules or statutes.

R746-400-2. Division Authority.

The Division shall ensure compliance with this rule, prepare and distribute report forms, collect and store the completed reports and information provided by reporting entities subject to in this rule.

R746-400-3. General Definitions.

For purposes of this rule, the terms listed below shall bear the following meanings:

A. "Reporting entity" means a public utility as defined in Section 54-2-1, and a telecommunications corporation as defined in Section 54-8b-2.

B. "Commission" means the Public Service Commission of Utah.

C. "Division" means the Division of Public Utilities within the Department of Commerce of the State of Utah.

R746-400-4. Reports to the Commission.

A. Report Form Purposes -- The Division shall design report forms that will provide information from reporting entities useful to the Commission and the Division in performing their statutory duties and to administer Commission supervised or directed programs. These forms shall include, but are not limited to, reports used to provide information on a reporting entity's monthly and annual operations, reports concerning an entity's gross revenues used to calculate the public utilities' regulation fee under Section 54-5-2, and reports used in the administration the State of Utah Universal Public Telecommunications Service Support Fund, lifeline programs, and telephone relay program.

B. Acceptable Report Forms --

1. The Division shall make report forms available to all reporting entities. Applicable report forms for any report shall be available at least 60 days prior to the date the report is due to be completed by a reporting entity. The Division shall design report forms that clearly state the due date for the report and shall provide, as needed, directions, definitions and other information that will assist a reporting entity in completing a report form.

2. The Division may accept a reporting entity's request that an alternative report form or document, used to furnish information to federal government agencies, other agencies of this or other states, or for the entity's other needs or uses, be used in lieu of all or part of a Commission report form. The Division may require that the alternative report form or document be supplemented with other or additional information in order to obtain the same information as sought in the Utah report form.

C. Report Certification and Corrections -- Each report shall be signed by a responsible officer of the public utility certifying that the report is true and correct. If a reporting entity learns that any portion of a filed report is incorrect, it shall file corrected pages as soon as possible with an explanation of the corrections. The utility shall file an electronic copy of the report, in addition to a paper copy, if the report is prepared electronically.

R746-400-5. Copies of Reports to Federal Government Agencies.

Upon request of the Division, each reporting entity shall provide the Division with a copy of any report filed with the following federal government agencies: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal Communications Commission, Rural Utility Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Surface Transportation Board. The reporting entity shall provide to the Division the requested reports within 10 days of receiving the Division's request.

R746-400-6. Copies of Reports to Shareholders and Audited Financial Reports.

A. Annual Report -- Each reporting entity shall provide the Division with a copy of any annual report sent to shareholders within 10 days of its issuance.

B. Audited Financial Statements -- Upon request of the Division, a reporting entity shall provide the Division with a copy of any audited financial statements, including the opinion statements of the auditor, if the statements are prepared for the reporting entity.

R746-400-7. Confidentiality.

A. Public Information -- Reports filed pursuant to this rule shall be considered public information unless otherwise provided.

B. Protected Documents -- If a reporting entity desires that any report, copy or document, or any portion thereof, required by this rule, be treated in any manner other than as public information, it shall comply with the provisions of the Government Records Access and Management Act, Title 63G, Chapter 2, and provide a written claim of confidentiality and the reasons supporting that claim. If the records, or portions thereof, are classified as protected under GRAMA, the Division shall maintain the confidential reports in a separate file and disclosure to anyone outside of the Commission, its staff, the Division, and the staff of the Committee of Consumer Services, shall only be as allowed by GRAMA.


public utilities, reports, rules and procedures

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

October 30, 2002

Notice of Continuation

April 27, 2017

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

54-2-1; 54-8b-2; 54-5-2; 63G-2-101

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