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R746. Public Service Commission, Administration.

Rule R746-404. Regulation of Promotional Programs of Electric and Gas Public Utilities.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R746-404-1. General Provisions.

An application for approval of promotional programs of the above utilities shall be filed with the Public Service Commission of Utah 30 days before they are to be put into effect. An application for a promotional program requires a docket number and must include a proposed tariff section. The application must also include a forecasted description of net ratepayer benefit. A copy of the application shall be sent by first class mail to the Division of Public Utilities, Committee of Consumer Services, utilities with competing programs and to any other party so designated by the Commission. Any affected person desiring a hearing should notify the Commission in writing within 20 days of the filing of the application. If no person requests a hearing or additional time to investigate, the application shall take effect at the expiration of 30 days from the time of filing. If a hearing or additional time is requested, an order by the Commission is needed for program approval.


"Promotional Programs" shall include all programs that allow, give, or promise cash, replacement allowances, discounts, rebates, appliances, equipment, or facilities to a person, firm, association, corporation, or group whatsoever, in consideration of the use of the service of the electric or gas public utility offering the inducement, excluding line extensions made pursuant to rules and orders on file with the Commission. Testing, research, or demonstration projects are not considered promotional programs for purposes of this rule.


The following standards shall apply to promotional programs:

A. No promotional program shall be implemented without prior Commission approval.

B. A promotional program may not vary the rates, charges, rules and regulations of the tariff pursuant to which service is rendered to the customer without prior Commission approval.

C. Each promotional program must be uniformly and contemporaneously available to all similarly situated customers.

D. The promotional program must be reasonably expected to promote the interests of the utility and its customers. There must be a demonstrable net ratepayer benefit.


public utilities, rules and procedure, programs

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July 16, 2018

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54-4-1; 54-4-7

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