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R810. Regents (Board of), University of Utah, Commuter Services.

Rule R810-1. University of Utah Parking Regulations.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R810-1-1. Authority.

The University's parking system is authorized by Utah Code, Title 53B, Chapter 3, Sections 103 and 107.

R810-1-2. Motor Vehicle Parking On Campus.

A motor vehicle is defined under Utah State Code, Unannotated 41-1a-102(66).

A vehicle is defined under Utah State Code, Unannotated 41-1a-102(65).

Anyone parking a vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit from Commuter Services and register the vehicle(s) license plate(s) to the permit purchased, or park the vehicle in a metered or pay area and pay the appropriate fee. Payment for the use of campus meters or pay areas is required whether or not the vehicle is associated to a valid University of Utah parking permit. If a physical permit is distributed, it must be displayed and clearly visible from the front windshield.

R810-1-3. Parking Areas.

Parking is permitted only in designated areas and only in accordance with all posted signs. Vehicles must be parked properly within marked stalls. Tickets are issued to vehicles parked contrary to posted signs.

R810-1-4. Restrictions.

Parking is prohibited 24 hours daily at red curbs, no parking areas, bus zones, crosswalks, driveways, and in front of fire hydrants and dumpsters.

R810-1-5. Vehicle Operator Responsibilities.

Parking area designations are subject to change, and it is the motorist's responsibility to be cognizant of such changes. The responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.

A vehicle must be parked in a valid parking stall so that the vehicle's license plate is clearly visible from the roadway from which the vehicle pulled into the stall. It is the motorist's responsibility to assure that the vehicle's license plate is visible and clear of debris.

R810-1-6. Parking for Drivers with Disabilities.

Parking for drivers with disabilities is reserved for students, faculty, staff and visitors who must purchase and display a parking permit or park in a metered area or pay lot and pay the appropriate fee.

R810-1-8. University Vehicle Parking.

University owned vans, trucks, and SUV's involved in maintenance must park in maintenance stalls when available. University owned sedans may not park in maintenance stalls. All University owned vehicles may park in U or E permitted stalls but are prohibited from parking in No Parking, Tow Away, Disabled or Reserved areas, or metered loading zones. University owned vehicles parking at non loading zone meters are limited to the maximum time listed on the meter. Pay by phone limitation is two hours; visitor pay lot limitation is one hour and "A" permit stall limitation is for loading and unloading only. Drivers of improperly parked University vehicles will be responsible for tickets received.

R810-1-9. Motorcycle Parking.

Drivers of motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters and mopeds must purchase a parking permit from Commuter Services and register the license plate(s) number(s) to the permit purchased.

R810-1-11. University Student Apartments Parking.

University Student Apartment parking lots are restricted to apartment residents, housing employees, resident's guests, apartment applicants and visitors.

Parking is permitted only in designated areas in accordance with all posted signs.

Residents and employees must purchase a housing parking permit and register all vehicle (including motorcycle, scooter, and moped) license plates to the permit.

R810-1-12. Extended Parking Privileges.

Vehicles occupying the same lot or stall for 48 hours or longer may be removed at the owner's expense if the vehicle interferes with regular University functions or maintenance. Vehicles parked in the residence halls are exempted from the 48 hour limitations.

R810-1-13. Abandoned Vehicles.

Vehicles that have not been moved for a period of seven days will be considered as abandoned and may be removed from University property at the owner's expense.

R810-1-14. Living In A Motor Vehicle On Campus.

Campers, trailers, motor homes or other vehicles may not be used for sleeping or living purposes on campus unless parked in areas designated by Commuter Services as RV parking.

R810-1-15. University Responsibility For Vehicle Damage.

The University is not responsible for the care and protection of or damage to any vehicle or its contents when operated or parked on University property. The purchase of a parking permit shall constitute an acknowledgement and acceptance of this condition as the privilege to use the University's parking facilities.

R810-1-16. Special Parking.

Commuter Services may change the designated use of lots or roadways at any time. During events, Commuter Services may charge additional fees for the use of University parking lots.


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Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

April 5, 2018

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

53B-3-103; 53B-3-107

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