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R895. Technology Services, Administration.

Rule R895-4. Sub-Domain Naming Conventions for Executive Branch Agencies.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R895-4-1. Purpose.

The "utah.gov" identifier is intended to provide the following features to the State of Utah and its agencies.

(1) The ".gov" sub-domain identifier is controlled by the Federal .gov domain registrar, thereby protecting state interests.

(2) The State of Utah, Chief Information Officer's (CIO) office is responsible for issuance of all "utah.gov" sub-domains, further protecting the integrity of the identifier.

(3) The "utah.gov" identifier offers immediate recognition to constituents for developing credibility and confidence through a consistent interface.

(4) The "utah.gov" sub-domain simplifies constituent access to state agency services.

R895-4-2. Authority.

This rule is issued by the Chief Information Officer under the authority of Section 63F-1-206 of the Technology Governance Act, and in accordance with Section 63G-3-201 of the Utah Rulemaking Act, Utah Code Annotated.

R895-4-3. Scope of Application.

All state agencies of the executive branch of the State of Utah government shall comply with this rule, which provides a consistent internet access identifier for the State of Utah through the "utah.gov" sub-domain.

R895-4-4. Definitions.

(1) "Sub-Domain:" A meaningful name or "handle" for addressing computers and information on the Internet. Domain names typically end with a suffix that denotes the type or location of a resource (for instance, ".com" for commercial resources or ".gov" for government resources).

(2) URL: "Uniform Resource Locator" which is an addressing standard used to find documents and media on the Internet.

(3) "Sub-Domain Registrar" Authoritative source within the State of Utah's CIO office, or the Federal .gov registrar.

(4) TLD: Top level domain, including, but not limited to .net, .org, .com, etc.

(5) Publicize: To advertise or otherwise publicly disseminate information regarding a TLD.

R895-4-5. Compliance and Responsibilities.

(1) Any state executive branch agency that develops, hosts, or funds a website shall only register a sub-domain using the "utah.gov" naming convention.

(2) No state executive branch agency may publicize a sub-domain in a TLD such as .org, .net, .com or any other available TLD not conforming to this rule.

R895-4-6. Exceptions.

(1) The requirements of this rule do not apply to funds that are "passed-through" or contracted to a private non-profit or for-profit entity and subsequently used by that entity for its own website or for the purchase of a URL.

(2) The CIO may provide a waiver for an "extraordinary environment" for which it is demonstrated that use of the "utah.gov" identifier would cause demonstrable harm to citizens or business. Requests for waiver must be submitted with justification to the CIO by the requesting agency Executive Director.

(3) Non-Conforming TLDs may be obtained or retained solely for the purpose of re-direction to an approved "utah.gov" TLD, or to retain ownership of the TLD for avoiding identifier misuse, provided the non-conforming TLD is not publicized.

R895-4-7. Rule Compliance Management.

A state executive branch agency executive director, or designee, upon becoming aware of a violation, shall enforce the rule. The CIO may, where appropriate, monitor compliance and report to the executive director any findings or violations of this rule.

The CIO may further enforce this rule by requesting that the entity responsible for providing identifier mapping withhold or remove the offending TLD from state production servers.



Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

April 15, 2004

Notice of Continuation

October 3, 2018

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

63F-1-206; 63G-3-201

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