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R918. Transportation, Operations, Maintenance.

Rule R918-3. Snow Removal.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R918-3-1. Purpose and Authority.

The purpose of this rule is to indicate where and when the Utah Department of Transportation will provide snow removal services. This rule is enacted under the general rulemaking authority in Section 72-1-201.

R918-3-2 On State Roads.

(1) The Utah Department of Transportation will provide snow removal services on the following functional classes of state roads:

(a) Interstate highways

(b) Principal arterials

(c) Minor arterials

(d) Collector roads which meet the following criteria:

(i) where counties or cities provide year round fire, police and emergency services;

(ii) where mail year round delivery is provided;

(iii) where year round water and sanitary services are provided; and

(iv) where counties or cities request or concur with year round snow removal.

(2) The following state road sections are an exception to paragraph (1) above and shall be closed in the fall when snow depth requires closure, and will not be reopened until spring weather conditions permit.

                                                    TABLE 1

  SR-35 (Wolf Creek Pass)         MP 12.44 to 27.51
  SR-39 (Monte Cristo)            MP 36.86 to 55.4
  SR-65 (Region 2 East Canyon)    MP 3.11 to 8.4
  SR-65 (Region 1 Big Mountain)   MP 8.4 to 13.47
  SR-92 (American Fork Canyon/
         Alpine Loop)             MP 12.63 to 22.40
  SR-148 (Cedar Breaks)           MP 0.15 to 2.544
  SR-150 (Mirror Lake Highway)    MP 14.70 to 48.63
  SR-153 (Puffer Lake)            MP 21.29 to 39.55
  SR-190 (Guardsman Pass)         MP 17.71 to 21
  SR-224 (Wasatch County line
          to Deer Valley)         MP 0.0 to 1.11

(3) Other state road sections may be closed for the winter/or not receive snow removal services, if the Region Director determines that it is not cost effective to provide snow removal services.

(4) The removal of the normal snowfall and windrows on private road approaches, both on and off the highway right-of-way, is a responsibility of the property owner. When clearing these approaches, the property owner shall not push or pile the snow onto the state right-of-way. Within towns and where curb and gutter exist, the normal parking area off the travel lane may be used for snow storage by state forces. If it is desired to remove this snow, it shall be the responsibility of the city, county or the adjacent property owner. The state shall not haul snow off the roadway except where removal by other means is impracticable.

R918-3-3. On State Roads Leading to for-profit Winter Recreational Areas.

(1) State roads leading to for-profit winter recreational areas not qualifying above may qualify for weekend and holiday snow removal services. Each for-profit winter recreational area will be evaluated individually.

(2) To receive weekend and holiday snow removal services, owners or operators of a for-profit winter recreational area shall:

(a) request, in writing to the Region Director, weekend and/or holiday snow removal services;

(b) provide parking away from the highway for all employees, guests, and users; and

(c) clear snow from all winter recreation site parking areas.

(3) The Region Director may authorize weekend and holiday snow removal services based on UDOT Policy 06A-42, functional classification of the road, and available resources.

(4) The Region Director may suspend, delay, postpone, accelerate, or terminate weekend and holiday snow removal services based on resource availability, avalanche danger, unusual snowfall accumulation, or other factors determined by the Region Director as presenting unacceptable risk to the traveling public or snow removal personnel.

R918-3-4. Other Than Roadways on the State System.

(1) Snow removal service will not be provided for the following, except where provided through written agreement with the Utah Department of Transportation:

(a) sidewalks;

(b) overhead crosswalk structures;

(c) walkways attached to structures;

(d) driveways;

(e) parking lots;

(f) roads not on the state system;

(g) overhead vehicular structures not on the state system; or

(h) bike and pedestrian trails.


snow removal

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

February 7, 2012

Notice of Continuation

July 7, 2017

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

72-1-201; 72-1-205

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