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R918. Transportation, Operations, Maintenance.

Rule R918-4. Using Volunteer Groups and Third-Party Contractors for the Adopt-a-Highway and Sponsor-a-Highway Litter Pickup Programs.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R918-4-1. Purpose and Authority.

The purpose of this rule is to establish a procedure for using volunteer groups and third-party contractors for litter pickup and to provide additional resources to increase UDOT's litter control effort at a minimal cost. This program is not operated to provide a highway signing program for a free speech forum. This rule is enacted under the general rulemaking authority in Section 72-1-201.

R918-4-2. Application for the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

(1) A group or person who wishes to participate in a program to pick up litter along UDOT right-of-way may apply with the UDOT Region in which the right-of-way is located. The application will contain, at a minimum, the name of the organization or person, the right-of-way requested, along with alternatives if desired, the name and address of a contact person, and the name of the sponsoring organization requested to be placed on the Recognition Sign. UDOT may provide an application form or agreement to formalize the terms and conditions of this rule.

(2) If the name of an organization is to appear on the sign, the applicant must submit, upon request, documentation from the state showing the form, status, and official name of the entity. Only the official name of the organization will be printed on the sign.

(3) UDOT also coordinates a program similar to Adopt-A-Highway, known as Sponsor-A-Highway, wherein a private contractor performs the actual litter pickup on behalf of local businesses or other entities ("sponsors") in return for a sponsorship fee. The sponsoring entity is recognized with a sign. A business, government entity, group, or person who wishes to participate in the Sponsor-A-Highway program may apply to the contractor. The contractor must submit the name of the entity, sponsorship segment, and proposed Sponsor-A-Highway sign rendering to UDOT for approval.

R918-4-3. Conditions of Adopt-A-Highway Participation.

If the Adopt-A-Highway application is granted, UDOT will notify the applicant's contact person in writing and promptly send to him or her a contract that sets forth the following basic conditions:

(1) the location of the right-of-way;

(2) a hold harmless agreement, waiver of liability, and indemnification for third-party claims;

(3) safety rules;

(4) information concerning safety apparel that must be used and that which is recommended;

(5) the name of the entity or organization that is applying for the permit;

(6) an explanation of the condition in which UDOT expects the applicant to keep the roadway and notification that the decision whether the applicant has done so is solely within UDOT's discretion;

(7) notification of reasons for termination, which include failure to comply with any part of the agreement, fraud in the application, failure to follow safety requirements or commands;

(8) a date when the agreement will terminate, along with any automatic renewal provisions;

(9) volunteer groups must provide a responsible supervisor to properly control the activities of the group, with the expertise and degree of supervision to be decided by UDOT;

(10) no person under the age of fourteen years may participate in the litter pick-up program or be on the right-of-way;

(11) volunteers must accept and receive safety instructions by the Region Safety/Risk Manager, or designee;

(12) volunteers must stay off the traveled area of the roadway, except when traveled area must be crossed, with any crossing being done by the entire group together along with the signing, flagging, or supervision directed by the Region Safety/Risk Manager or designee;

(13) volunteers must stay off the traveled areas of Interstate Routes, Freeways, and divided highways at all times;

(14) in areas where the Region Director or Safety/Risk Manager or Traffic Engineer believes it appropriate, the applicant must use advance warning signs;

(15) work must be done during daylight hours;

(16) such other information as UDOT believes may be required to adequately advise the applicant of its responsibilities and provide for the public safety;

(17) clean up the assigned right-of-way at least three times a year as well as when UDOT specifically requests; and

(18) notify UDOT as soon as reasonably possible if they find items that appear suspicious or unsafe, i.e., syringes, drug paraphernalia, or closed containers.

R918-4-4. Conditions of Sponsor-A-Highway Participation.

A business, government entity, group, or person participating in the Sponsor-A-Highway program must:

(1) be legally empowered to enter a contract in the state of Utah; and

(2) use their legal name or a registered DBA name.

R918-4-5. UDOT discretion to allow use of right-of-way.

(1) Nothing in this rule or any other UDOT rule may be construed to require UDOT to make any portion of right-of-way available for litter pick up. The decision whether to do so is exclusively within UDOT's discretion. Similarly, the decision to take a route out of the litter pick-up program is also within UDOT's exclusive discretion even if the route is currently available and being used for litter pick-up.

(2) Should UDOT determine that a route no longer qualifies for participation in the Adopt-a-Highway program, UDOT will notify the person or organization assigned the route of that determination. The notification constitutes termination of the contract, regardless of how much time is left on the contract.

(3) UDOT may also terminate a contract at any time if it determines that continuing the contract would be counterproductive to the program's purpose or have undesirable results such as vandalism, increased litter, or would otherwise jeopardize the safety of the participants, the traveling public, or UDOT employees.

R918-4-6. Recognition Signs.

(1) If the applicant's authorized representative (contact person) signs the contract provided by UDOT, UDOT will place a recognition sign along the route, if all other conditions are met. UDOT will not place either slogans or logos on Adopt-A-Highway signs. The name may be edited to comply with space limitations.

(2) Slogans, DBA names, registered trademarks, and registered service marks may be included on Sponsor-A-Highway signs, subject to UDOT review and approval.

R918-4-7. Replacement of Signs.

(1) Adopt-A-Highway Signs: UDOT will not replace damaged or missing signs unless the damage was due to weather or other natural cause and then only if there is sufficient funding. In no case will UDOT replace a sign more than once every five years.

(2) Sponsor-A-Highway Signs: Sponsor-A-Highway signs remain the property of the Sponsor-A-Highway contractor.

R918-4-8. UDOT's Responsibilities.

UDOT will:

(1) furnish volunteers with UDOT-standard vests, which must be returned after cleanup activities are completed;

(2) furnish litter bags, which, when filled, must be placed along the shoulder of the road for collection by UDOT personnel;

(3) furnish advance warning signs in areas where the Region Director, Safety/Risk Manager, or Traffic Engineer believes it appropriate; and

(4) install contractor furnished Sponsor-A-Highway signs at locations designated by the Region Traffic Engineer and maintain the sign base, posts, and mounting hardware.


adopt-a-highway, sponsor-a-highway, litter, volunteer

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March 26, 2019

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October 8, 2018

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