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R920. Transportation, Operations, Traffic and Safety.

Rule R920-6. Snow Tire and Chain Requirements.

As in effect on May 1, 2018

Table of Contents

R920-6-1. Purpose.

The purpose of this rule is to allow a Region Director of the Utah Department of Transportation to designate travel restrictions on certain state highways located in the State of Utah, that may not be safely traversed by the public or which would tend to create a hazard or hamper road maintenance activities, unless the vehicle traversing said highway is adequately equipped with certain safety devices.

R920-6-2. Authority.

The authority for this rule is in Sections 72-1-201 and 72-3-102; Title 72, Chapter 4, Part 1, Transportation Code, and Sections 41-6a-302 and 41-6a-1636.

R920-6-3. Provisions.

(1) Locations shall be designated by the Department of Transportation's Region Director after coordinating with the local Utah Highway Patrol office. The designations by the Region Director shall be established through a Traffic Engineering Order (TEO) from the Division of Traffic and Safety to the Region Director's office wherein the designated highway is located.

(2) The Utah Department of Transportation's Division of Traffic and Safety shall maintain and annually publish a listing of those highways so designated for distribution to:

(a) Utah Department of Transportation Region Offices;

(b) Utah Highway Patrol;

(c) county offices; and

(d) local law enforcement officials.

(3) When any designated highway is so restricted no vehicle shall be allowed or permitted the use of the highway, during the period between October 1 and April 30, or when conditions warrant due to adverse, or hazardous weather or roadway conditions, as determined by the Utah Department of Transportation, unless:

(a) said vehicle is equipped with either:

(i) steel link chains or have chains in possession;

(ii) mounted snow tires; (tires with an M/S designation with or without studs);

(iii) elastomeric tire chains, designed for use with radial tires; or

(iv) four-wheel drive vehicles with a minimum of two mounted snow tires.

(4) Radial tires without snow tread do not meet the requirements.

(5) An operator of a commercial vehicle with four or more drive wheels, other than a bus, shall affix tire chains to at least four of the drive wheel tires.

(6) An operator of a bus or recreational vehicle shall affix tire chains to at least two of the drive wheel tires.

R920-6-4. Responsibilities.

(1) Authorized personnel on location to enforce this rule, may permit vehicles not equipped with the traction aids defined in the preceding paragraph to travel a designated state highway if, in the opinion of said personnel, the vehicle may do so without endangering the public safety or creating a hazard to or interference with, highway maintenance operations.

(2) The Utah Department of Transportation requests the Utah Highway Patrol, or designated local law enforcement agency, to enforce this rule. The Utah Highway Patrol may request to enforce this rule by contacting the Region Director, or designated Department of Transportation representative where designated highway is located.

(3) The Utah Department of Transportation will notify the county officials of counties in which highways are so restricted, as outlined above.

(4) All authority shall rest with the Executive Director or his designee to control use of highways where avalanche danger and other threats to the public safety are concerned.

(5) The Region Director or designee shall work with the Utah Highway Patrol in establishing working criteria for the adequate enforcement of the above provisions.


tires, snow

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

November 21, 2011

Notice of Continuation

July 7, 2017

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

41-6a-1636; 72-1-201; 72-3-102; 41-6a-302

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