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R926. Transportation, Program Development.

Rule R926-5. State Park Access Highways Improvement Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R926-5-1. Authority and Purpose.

Utah Code Ann. Section 72-3-207 authorizes the Utah Department of Transportation to administer this program and to establish procedures for a County, City, or Town to apply for a grant of program monies.

R926-5-2. Definitions.

(1) Class B and C Roads: As defined in Utah Code Ann. Sections 72-3-103 and 72-3-104.

(2) State Park Access Roads: As defined in Title 72, Chapter 3, Part 2, Transportation Code.

(3) Construction: As defined in Utah Code Ann. Section 72-6-109.

(4) Maintenance: As defined in Section 72-6-109.

(5) Project: As defined in Section 72-6-109.

(6) Commission: The Utah Transportation Commission.

(7) UDOT: The Utah Department of Transportation.

(8) Joint Highway Committee: An advisory body of fifteen officials each from the Utah League of Cities and Towns, and the Utah Association of Counties.

(9) Local Authority: A county or incorporated city or town in Utah.

R926-5-3. Eligibility.

(1) State Park Access Highways that are also Class B and C Roads are eligible.

(2) This program is for Construction Projects. Maintenance Projects are not eligible.

(3) Administrative and indirect costs are not eligible.

R926-5-4. Rules.

The State Park Access Highways Improvement Program is administered under all State Statutes. The following rules also apply.

(1) The Commission sets priorities for program monies.

(2) The Commission uses the Joint Highway Committee to help in the project selection process.

(3) Projects are selected annually unless an emergency arises.

(4) Local Authorities shall follow the procedures of Section 72-6-107.

(5) The Local Authority provides at least 50% of the cost of each project in matching funds.

(6) The Local Authority agrees to use the funds within three years. The local authority repays all unused funds to UDOT.

(7) The Local Authority certifies completion of the project and compliance with these rules to UDOT.

R926-5-5. Procedures and Responsibilities.

(1) Local Authorities submit a grant application to the Joint Highway Committee. The application includes a concept report describing the location, scope of work, project limits, and cost estimate.

(2) The Joint Highway Committee prioritizes grant requests considering the following factors:

a. Highway usage.

b. Physical condition of the road as determined by a Road Surface Management System.

c. Ability of local authority to maintain and preserve the highway, and

d. Capital and operation improvement plans of the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation.

(3) The Joint Highway Committee recommends up to three years of projects for Commission approval.

(4) The Commission reviews the Joint Highway Committee recommendations, makes adjustments if necessary, and approves a list of projects.

(5) UDOT executes an agreement with the Local Authority and grants funds for each approved project. The awarding of grants is subject to availability of funding.

(6) Local Authority completes the construction project.

(7) Local Authority submits certification of compliance and completion to UDOT.


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April 14, 1997

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October 25, 2016

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