Utah Administrative Code

The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

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R982. Workforce Services, Administration.

Rule R982-301. Councils.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R982-301-101. General Definitions.

1. Employer. This rule adopts the definition of employer as used in Section 35A-4-203 except that for purposes of this rule, and for purposes of membership on the State Council on Workforce Services, also known as the State Workforce Investment Board an employer shall be a for-profit enterprise.

2. Median sized employer. The median sized employer shall be calculated, based on the previous calendar year, by the Workforce Research and Analysis Division each June 30. The median sized employer is determined by arranging the establishments in an array by number of employees including the number of employees in each employer size interval, and choosing the employer in the array that employs the middle number of employees.

3. Attendance. Pursuant to Subsection 35A-2-103(6)(b), a council member may be considered present at the meeting when given permission by the council chair to participate in the business of the meeting by videoconference or teleconference.

4. Conflict of Interest. Prior to voting on any matter before a council, a council member must disclose and declare for the council records any direct financial benefit the member would receive from a matter being considered by the council.

R982-301-102. State Council on Workforce Services.

1. Authority. As required by Subsections 35A-1-206(2)(a)(iv)(A) and 35A-1-206(2)(a)(iv)(B), this rule defines Small Employers and Large Employers for membership on the State Council on Workforce Services.

2. Definitions.

a. "Small employer" means an employer who employs fewer employees than the median sized employer in the state.

b. "Large employer" means an employer who employs a number of employees that is greater than or equal to the median sized employer in the state.

c. "Median Sized Employer" as used in R982-301-102(2)(a) and R982-301-102(2)(b) is based solely on the number of employees an employer has in his/her employ in the state during the calendar year.

d. "Rural employer" means an employer whose primary worksite is located in a rural area outside the Wasatch Front as determined by the Department.

e. Council membership shall include a large and a small rural employer.



Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

August 18, 2011

Notice of Continuation

May 31, 2017

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

35A-1-104(1); 35A-1-206(2)(a)(iv)(A); 35A-1-206(2)(a)(iv)(B); 35A-2-103(2)(a)(i); 35A-2-103(2)(a)(ii)

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