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R986. Workforce Services, Employment Development.

Rule R986-500. Adoption Assistance.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

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R986-500-501. Authority for Adoption Assistance (AA) and Other Applicable Rules.

(1) The Department administers AA pursuant to the authority granted in Section 35A-3-308.

(2) The provisions of R986-100 apply to AA.

(3) The provisions of R986-200 apply to AA, except as noted in this rule.

R986-500-502. General Provisions.

(1) AA may be provided to a birth parent who was or would have been the caretaker of a child relinquished for adoption.

(2) The relinquishment must have been voluntary. Birth parents who have had their parental rights terminated are not eligible for AA.

(3) The adoption must have met the requirements of Section 78B-6-120.

(4) AA financial assistance can be provided to a woman who is in her third trimester of pregnancy if she is planning to relinquish custody of the child for the purpose of adoption and if she is otherwise eligible.

(5) A parent must apply for AA no later than the end of the second month after the month of relinquishment. Proof of relinquishment is required.

(6) Relinquishment can be made for any minor child, however a child age 12 or older must agree to the relinquishment.

(7) The Department will coordinate services to assist the client in:

(a) receiving appropriate educational and occupational assessment and planning, including enrolling in appropriate education or training programs, which includes high school completion and adult education programs;

(b) enrolling in programs that provide assistance with job readiness, employment counseling, finding employment, and work skills;

(c) finding suitable housing;

(d) receiving medical assistance, under Title 26, Chapter 18, Medical Assistance Act, if the client is otherwise eligible; and

(e) receiving counseling and other mental health services.

(8) If a birth parent relinquishes custody of a child, and before the adoption is finalized, takes back custody of the child, the parent is no longer eligible for AA.

(9) The rule regarding minor parents found at R986-200-213 applies if the parent seeking AA is a minor.

(10) If the minor parent seeking AA is living with her parent(s), or the parent(s) of the father of the child being relinquished, the FEP rule for counting the income of the household found in R986-200-242 applies.

R986-500-503. Services Available to All Pregnant Clients.

(1) The Department will publish and make available to all pregnant clients an easy-to-understand adoption information packet which:

(a) contains information about the public and private organizations that provide adoption assistance specific to the geographical location of the client;

(b) lists the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of licensed child placement agencies and licensed attorneys who place children for adoption;

(c) explains that private adoption is legal and that the law permits adoptive parents to reimburse the costs of prenatal care, childbirth, neonatal care, and other expenses related to pregnancy; and

(d) describes the services and supports available to the client from the Department and other state agencies.

(2) The Department will refer the client for appropriate prenatal medical care, including maternal health services provided under Title 26, Chapter 10, Family Health Services.

(3) The Department will inform the client of free counseling about adoption from licensed child placement agencies and licensed attorneys.

R986-500-504. AA Financial Assistance Eligibility and Amount.

(1) Eligibility and participation are determined by R986-200 except:

(a) the employment plan must contain the requirement that the client enroll in high school or an alternative to high school, if the client does not have a high school diploma;

(b) the child support enforcement provisions do not apply for the child being relinquished; and

(c) one vehicle with a maximum of $8,000 equity value is not counted. The entire equity value of one vehicle equipped to transport a disabled individual is exempt from the asset limit even if the vehicle has a value in excess of $8,000. Beginning October 1, 2007 all motorized vehicles will be exempt.

(2) If there are other eligible children living in the household assistance unit, the household will receive a monthly supplemental financial AA payment equal to the additional amount the household would have received had the parent(s) not relinquished the child.

(3) If there are no eligible children living in the household, financial AA will be provided equal to a household size of one even if both birth parents are living in the household.

R986-500-505. Time Limits for AA.

(1) Financial AA can be provided up to a maximum of 12 consecutive months from the date of relinquishment.

(2) Payment of financial assistance for part of a month counts as a whole month when calculating the 12 month time limit.

(3) No extensions or exceptions to the time limit will be allowed.

(4) A birth parent who is determined eligible for adoption assistance and becomes ineligible during the 12 month payment period may reestablish eligibility up to the twelfth month if the parent reapplies during the 12 month period.

(5) Months during which no payment of financial assistance was made due to ineligibility or disqualification count toward the 12 month time limit.

(6) There is no limit to the number of times a parent can apply for or be found eligible for AA, however months during which a client receives AA prior to relinquishment count toward the 36 month time limit for FEP and FEPTP found in R986-200-217. Months when a client receives AA after relinquishment count toward the 36 month time limit if the client is otherwise eligible to receive FEP or FEPTP because there are eligible children in the home.

R986-500-506. Safeguarding Records.

Records pertaining to the adoption will not be kept or imaged by the Department. This includes verification of relinquishment and anything that would identify any agency, organization, or individual assisting with the adoption.

The Department must, however, review required legal documentation verifying that the client has relinquished custody for the purposes of adoption. The legal documentation consists of either a court document or statement from the adoption agency.

The client's file will contain a Verification of Relinquishment form signed by the Department employee who viewed and verified the legal documentation.


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September 3, 2015

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