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R986. Workforce Services, Employment Development.

Rule R986-800. Displaced Homemaker Program.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

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R986-800-801. Authority for the Displaced Homemaker Program and Applicable Rules.

The Department provides services to displaced homemakers pursuant to Section 35A-3-114. The definitions, acronyms, residency, and safeguarding of information provisions of R986-100 apply to this program.

R986-800-802. General Provisions.

Services are available to a displaced homemaker who:

(1) has been a homemaker for a period of eight or more years without significant gainful employment in the labor market, and whose primary occupation during that period of time was the provision of unpaid household services for family members;

(2) has found it necessary to enter the job market but is not reasonably capable of obtaining employment sufficient to provide self-support or necessary support for dependents, due to a lack of marketable job skills or other skills necessary for self-sufficiency; and

(3) has depended on the income of a family member and lost that income or has depended on governmental assistance as the parent of dependent children, and is no longer eligible for that assistance.

R986-800-803. Available Services.

(1) The Department provides the following services to displaced homemakers either directly or through referral:

(a) employment and skills training, career counseling, and placement services specifically designed to address the needs of displaced homemakers;

(b) assistance in obtaining access to existing public and private employment training programs;

(c) educational services, including information on high school or college programs, or assistance in gaining access to existing educational programs;

(d) health education and counseling, or assistance in gaining access to existing health education and counseling services;

(e) financial management services which provide information on insurance, taxes, estate and probate matters, mortgages, loans, and other financial issues;

(f) prevocational self-esteem and assertiveness training; and

(g) encouragement of placement in any displaced homemaker program established or offered by any local, state or federal agency.

(2) Some of these services are available through workshops conducted by the Department.


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August 1, 2006

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September 3, 2015

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