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R994. Workforce Services, Unemployment Insurance.

Rule R994-306. Charging Benefit Costs to Employers.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

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R994-306-101. Reduction in Force Separations.

When a worker is separated due to a reduction of the workforce, regardless of business conditions requiring the separation, the worker is eligible for benefits and the employer is liable for charges. This is true even if the separation is the end of a temporary assignment or seasonal employment and both parties agreed to the arrangement at the time of hire.

R994-306-201. Notice to Employers and Time Limitation for Protests.

All base period employers and all employers for which a claimant worked after the base period but prior to when the claim is filed, shall be notified prior to the payment of benefits that a claim has been filed.

(a) All employers who receive this notice may protest payment of benefits to former employees and all contributing employers may request relief of charges.

(i) All protests and requests must be made in writing to the Department within ten days after the notice is issued and must state in detail the circumstances which are alleged by the employer to justify a denial of benefits to the claimant, or relief of charges to the employer.

(ii) If the employer's request for relief of charges would justify the relief requested but the employer fails to provide separation information within the time limits of the request or to make a timely protest against the payment of benefits, the employer's request to be relieved of those charges will be adjudicated pursuant to R994-306-202.

R994-306-202. Relief of Charges Decisions.

When an employer makes a written request for relief of charges, a decision is made as to the employer's liability for benefit costs.

(a) The employer is notified of the decision and if an appeal is not filed, the decision becomes final and binding on both the employer and the Department.

(b)(i) A request for relief of charges or appeal that is filed after the expiration of the applicable time limit may be considered by the Department if:

(A) the employer has good cause for the late request or appeal as provided in R994-508-104;

(B) relief of charges was denied due to a mistake as to the facts and the Department did not rely on the requesting or appealing employer's failure to submit correct information in determining a claimant's eligibility for benefits. However, the Department will not consider such a request after September 30 with respect to benefits paid in the fiscal year that ended the prior June 30, even if there was a mistake as to facts.

(c) If the Department fails to give the relief of charges granted by a previous decision, the employer must request a correction of this error in accordance with Section R994-303-103.

R994-306-301. Benefit Cost Calculation Errors.

(1) Employers will be notified of benefit costs as they accrue at the end of each quarter. The notice used is called the "Statement of Unemployment Benefit Costs" (Form 66). This statement notifies the employer of the amount of benefits paid during the preceding quarter and gives the employer an opportunity to advise the Department of any errors. Upon written request from the employer, corrections will be made for all quarters not yet used to determine the employer's contribution rate. The following are examples which may occur:

(a) The employer is charged for costs for which the Department should have granted relief in accordance with Section R994-307-101.

(b) The employer did not receive prior notice that a claim had been filed or the determination of the claimant's eligibility and therefore did not have an opportunity to request relief of charges.

R994-306-401. Annual Notice of Contribution Rate.

(1) When the "Contribution Rate Notice" (Form 45) is issued at the end of the year, as per Subsection R994-303-103, the employer will have 30 days to protest the rate. When this decision, which establishes the contribution rate for the next year, becomes final it will not be changed even upon a showing of a mistake as to facts.


unemployment compensation, rates

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

January 1, 2002

Notice of Continuation

March 29, 2018

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

35A-4-303; 35A-4-306; 35A-4-405(2)(a); 35A-4-502(1)(b)

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