Reauthorization Bill Numbered

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

The “Administrative Rules Reauthorization” bill has been numbered as S.B. 22. Sen. Howard Stephenson (R), Senate Chair of the Administrative Rules Review Committee, is carrying the bill. The Reauthorization bill is the Administrative Rules Review Committee’s annual bill required by Section 63-46a-11.5. S.B. 22, as introduced, proposes to reauthorize all rules except:
  • Section R156-73-601, Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing, Chiropractic Physician Practice Act Rules
  • Subsections R884-24P-24 (L) (1) and (2), Tax Commission, Property Tax, Form for Notice of Property Valuation and Tax Changes Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59-2-918 through 59-2-924.
According to the information currently available on the Legislature’s web site (, it appears that Rep. Merlynn Newbold (R) is planning to carry a bill — “Centrally Assessed Property Calculations” — that will address the issue with the Tax Commission rule. Conversely, I was not able to identify any pre-filed bills that address the scope of practice for chiropractors.