Extra E-mails from eRules

Mike Broschinsky eRules, Uncategorized

During the summer and fall of 2003, the Division was able to make some enhancements to eRules that have reduced the number of problems agencies initially experienced with the first release. However, with the improvements, we introduced an “unintended feature”. After a rule is filed, and the Division has had an opportunity to review the filing for completeness, the Division notifies GOPB (Kent Bishop) that the rule is ready for review. Since September, the process of transmitting a rule to GOPB has also sent a message to the rule filer and contacts. The subject line begins, “eRules–Rule Change Review Requested”. As the note at the beginning of the message indicates, you, the rule filer and contact, may ignore that message. We are sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as we have the resources, we will have our programmer remove this feature. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. — Nancy Lancaster