HJR 4: Indepth Budget Review Includes Review of Rules

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

Rep. Wayne Harper is sponsoring H.J.R. 4, “Joint Rules Resolution – Appropriation Process Revisions.” The resolution “establishes more detailed procedures for the appropriations process; establishes a Joint Budget Interim Committee and defines its membership, powers, and duties; and makes technical and conforming corrections.” (H.J.R. 4 preamble). Among other things, the Joint Budget Interim Committee is required to “select one or more agencies, institutions, or programs to be the subject of an in-depth budget review….” As part of the review, the committee (or the appropriations subcommittee assigned the task) is to “study, in detail, the budget of the agency, institution, or program including staffing needs, policies, and rules…” (at lines 243, 244, and 250 through 252). According to Legislative Rule JR-4.03, a joint resolutions contains issues considered by both houses of the Legislature. In other words, a joint resolution is not presented to the Governor for signature. — Ken Hansen