H.B. 91 Tabled in Senate Committee

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

Late this afternoon (February 24, 2004), the Senate Government Operations Standing Committee heard H.B. 91, Administrative Rulemaking Act Amendments. During his presentation, Rep. Harper requested that an amendment, recommended by Legislative Research and General Counsel, be made to the bill. In essence, the amendment provided that failure to comply with the notification requirements of Subsection 63-46a-4(3) and (8), as found in the bill, did not constitute grounds for contesting the validity of a rule. The amendment passed. Then, members of the committee expressed concerns about the burdens the bill would place on state government, the volume of information legislator’s could potentially receive, and the availability of other less onerous mechanisms that potentially provide the same information. The committee noted that all administrative rules information is available on the Internet. At that, Sen. Hickman made a motion to table the bill. The motion passed 7 to 0 with 0 absent. — Ken Hansen