Federal E-Rulemaking Workshop

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Dr. Stuart Shulman has posted the following announcement to the E-rulemaking ListServ:

There will be a series of half day workshops at the George Washington University June 2-4 for stakeholders in the federal government’s regulatory rulemaking process. The focus of the meeting is electronic rulemaking (eRulemaking) and the practical and policy issues as the federal government moves toward a centralized Federal Docket Management System (FDMS). Workshop details are online at: http://www.drake.edu/artsci/faculty/sshulman/ eRulemaking/June-2004-NSF-Workshop.htm

We are issuing a general call for participants willing to attend the specific half day session devoted to their constituency. There are six broadly defined constituencies: 1) larger businesses, 2) smaller businesses, 3) labor & environmental advocacy groups, 4) good government and public participation groups, 5) state & local government, and 6) the legal and lobbyist professions. Federal agency personnel and academics are welcome at any of the sessions. http://www.drake.edu/artsci/faculty/sshulman/ eRulemaking/Session-Schedule.htm

Space is limited. We ask that only individuals committed to attending and contributing to a serious dialogue register. Participation is free and comes with lunch. Our intent is to share our findings with government agency managers, members of Congress, IT contractors developing the FDMS, academics, and the general public. Registration is required. http://www.drake.edu/artsci/faculty/sshulman/ eRulemaking/Registration-Form.pdf

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A number of state agencies are directly, significantly impacted by federal rulemaking. This sounds like a good opportunity to let the feds know what a small western state thinks about E-Rulemaking and what the feds should consider to address our needs.