Rules Due For Review in 2004

Mike Broschinsky Rulemaking, Uncategorized

Section 63-46a-9 requires each agency to review its rules within five years of each rule’s original enactment or last five-year review, and then within five-year intervals. To comply with the review requirement, the agency must submit a Five-Year Notice of Review and Statement of Continuation for each of its rules listed below. Otherwise, the rules will expire. Reviews may be filed ANY TIME prior to the deadline. When filing a Five-Year Notice of Review and Statement of Continuation, eRules requires that a copy of the rule text (no underlining or strike-out) be attached. Please contact Nancy Lancaster (801-538-3218) or Mike Broschinsky (801-538-3003) to obtain a current version of your rule. We strongly encourage agencies not to wait until the anniversary (due date) to file a five-year review. (If there is a problem filing on that day, agencies could lose rules because the deadline was missed.) The Division sends quarterly E-mail notices to agencies of rules due for review. As advance notice, a list of the rules due for review during 2004, as of September 28, 2004, is included below. Commerce R156. Occupational and Professional Licensing. R156-60. 11/15/04 R156-60a. 11/15/04 R156-60b. 11/15/04 Crime Victim Reparations R270. Administration. R270-3. 10/05/04 R270-4. 10/05/04 Education R277. Administration. R277-471. 11/02/04 R277-607. 11/16/04 R280. Rehabilitation. R280-203. 12/15/04 Health R414. Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement and Policy. R414-7A. 12/20/04 R414-7B. 12/20/04 R414-11. 12/20/04 R414-14. 12/20/04 R414-14A. 12/20/04 R414-25. 12/20/04 R414-31. 12/20/04 R414-49. 12/20/04 R414-50. 12/20/04 R426. Health Systems Improvement, Emergency Medical Services. R426-11. 10/12/04 R426-13. 10/12/04 R426-14. 10/04/04 R426-15. 10/12/04 R426-16. 10/04/04 R426-100. 12/09/04 Insurance R590. Administration. R590-194. 12/01/04 Labor Commission R612. Industrial Accidents. R612-8. 10/15/04 Natural Resources R657. Wildlife Resources. R657-46. 12/16/04 (EXT) Public Service Commission R746. Administration. R746-401. 12/13/04 Workforce Services R994. Workforce Information and Payment Services. R994-305. 12/20/04