Yes, Virginia, There is a Spell-Checker

Mike Broschinsky eRules, Uncategorized

Our list of eRules enhancements includes, among other things, the addition of a spell-checker. It will still be some time before this functionality can be added to eRules. However, we do have some information that might make completing a rule analysis a bit easier. Individuals using Mozilla 1.7 or Firefox 1.0 as their web browser can download an extension/plug-in called SpellBound ( that will allow them to check the spelling in the boxes of a form. The Division has tested the extension on rule analysis forms with success. SpellBound does have some limitations. It checks the spelling in only one box at a time. This extension will not work with Internet Explorer. If you have additional questions about SpellBound, please contact Mike Broschinsky (801-538-3003).