Rulemaking Bills Approved for Filing

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Rulemaking, Uncategorized

On January 5, 2005, the Administrative Rules Review Committee voted to file two bills as committee bills. Rep. Ure will sponsor “Administrative Rules Reauthorization” which is the committee’s annual bill to reauthorize administrative rules filed pursuant to Section 63-46a-11.5. This year, the bill reauthorizes all rules. Sen. Stephenson will sponsor “Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act Revision.” The short title is something of a misnomer as it amends sections in Title 9 and 53C as well as Title 63, Chapter 46a (the Rulemaking Act). This simple bill replaces “the word ‘revoke’ with ‘repeal’ in the context of a state agency’s rulemaking authority.” It also “clarifies that an agency authorized to make administrative rules is also authorized to amend or repeal those rules.” As of this posting, neither bill has been numbered.