Division Issues the Rulewriting Manual for Utah, 12th Edition

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The Division is pleased to announce the 12th edition of the Rulewriting Manual for Utah. This edition marks several significant changes for the manual. First, the Division elected to make this edition an electronic edition, readily available to those who need access to it, and flexible enough to allow clarification and updates without waiting for a reprint. Soon, a PDF version of the manual will be available for those who wish to print the manual. Second, instead of having one manual include everything about rulemaking, the Division divided the manual into three separate parts, each dealing with a different part of administrative rulemaking, and each written for a specific audience:
  • Rulewriting Manual for Utah: Administrators: This publication contains much of the information regarding rulemaking history and law in Utah, as well as the role of the Legislature.
  • Rulewriting Manual for Utah: Rulewriters: This publication contains the style section and a brief discussion on certain practical aspects of the rulemaking process.
  • Rulewriting Manual for Utah: Rulewriting and eRules: This publication will be a users’ manual for the eRules software used for submitting rulemaking actions for publication.
The Rulewriters manual is currently available at http://www.rules.utah.gov/manual-rw/index.html. The other manuals will be available during the first half of 2006. This edition of the Rulewriting Manual for Utah is possible because of the efforts of Michael G. Broschinsky, Nancy L. Lancaster, Christopher J. Fawcett, and Sophia G. Manousakis. The Division also gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Legislative Research and General Counsel. The style section of the manual borrows heavily from the Legislative Drafting Manual, 2005 edition. Questions regarding the manual or suggestions for improvements or additions should be directed to Mr. Broschinsky at 801-538-3003.