eRules Issues

Mike Broschinsky eRules, Rulemaking, Uncategorized

As some of you have no doubt noticed, eRules doesn’t always behave the way we would like it to. Text can’t be attached, forms can’t be saved, fortunes can’t be told (no, wait, that’s eCrystalBall). In short, sometimes eRules just makes us want to scream. Here are some of the more common problems we have noticed, and some suggestions on how to keep them from forcing us into a deep, dank pit of despair.

1) Sometimes users will receive “Page cannot be displayed” errors when attaching text. There are two usual causes for this: a) a Word or WordPerfect version of the text was uploaded instead of an RTF version; or b) the text file is too big.

If you have received a “Page cannot be displayed” error when attaching text, the first thing you should do is to make sure that the text you are attaching really is in RTF format. I mean really sure. I mean so sure that you’re even more sure of the text being in RTF than of the sun rising in the morning. Really sure. Once you’re sure the text is in RTF, close your web browser, open it again, log into eRules again, and try the upload again.

If the text is in RTF (because you made really sure it was) and the upload still fails, then check the size of the file (you can do this by navigating to the file using My Computer in Windows, selecting it, and viewing the file details). Is the size of the file over 60 kilobytes? If yes, then the size of the file is the difficulty. eRules has been experiencing more and more problems with large files recently.

Follow this procedure: 1) create a file containing the words “This is a placeholder for the text for RXXX-YYYY”; 2) save this file in RTF, and upload it with the rule analysis; 3) send an email message with the real text attached to the Rules email box.

If you have just entered an enormous amount of text in the form and haven’t saved as draft to this point, see 3) below.

2) Sometimes users will receive “Page cannot be displayed” errors when submitting corrections to a filing. This error is typically associated with a certain degree of panic (identifiable by increased heart rate and an overwhelming desire to throw the PC out the window). In the immortal words of Douglas Adams “Don’t panic!”

Close your web browser, open it again, log into eRules again, go into the filing and check if the red banner correction notice still appears and whether the changes you made are still there. In all likelihood the banner will be gone and the changes will be saved.

3) Sometimes users will receive “Page cannot be displayed” errors when… well, just because. The moon is in the seventh house (apologies to the Fifth Dimension), the earth tilted on its access, eRules is simply having a bad day and wants to take it out on someone, who knows? This error is most annoying when it comes after you have entered the most scintillating, well-crafted, graceful prose imaginable in response to the cost box questions.

If you haven’t been saving as draft regularly, then you are in a sticky situation. Click on the browser’s back button. Yes, really, though in all other cases you should avoid using the browser buttons for navigation in eRules. Pressing the back button should retrieve the form you were working on with the text still in the boxes. Copy and paste the contents of the boxes to a Word, WordPerfect, or Notepad document. Then close the web browser and start again.


  • Always regularly use the “Save as draft button”
  • Never use the browser back buttons to navigate in eRules (except as I suggested above)
  • Always call if there is anything that doesn’t seem right
  • Never assume that technology never fails

The Division of Administrative Rules is requesting additional funding for FY 2007 to address these problems with eRules. We’ll keep you posted on developments.