Bills Approved by Administrative Rules Review Committee

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

In its December 20, 2006, meeting, the Administrative Rules Review Committee approved two bills as committee bills. These are the “Administrative Rule Criminal Penalty Amendments” and the “Filings of Administrative Rules, Orders, and Regulations” bills. The “Administrative Rule Criminal Penalty Amendments” will be substantially similar to Substitute H.B. 317 (2006). The bill amends sections throughout the Utah Code that prescribed a criminal penalty for the violation of a rule. A few items have been added. Provisions affecting the Capitol Preservation Board have also been added. Those provisions have replaced the criminal penalties with civil penalties. Sponsorship of this bill is yet to be decided. The “Filings of Administrative Rules, Orders, and Regulations” has been numbered as S.B. 32. Sen. Stephenson is sponsoring the bill. This bill amends Section 63-5a-7 changing the location at which an order, rule, or regulation must be filed for those documents to have affect during an emergency from the Division of Archives to the Division of Administrative Rules. This bill makes Section 63-5a-7 consistent with changes make to the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act in 1987. Questions about these bills may be directed to Ken Hansen (801-538-3777).