Agency Access to Utah Law

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For many years, the state of Utah has had a contract (currently Contract AR-997) with LexisNexis Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. to provide integrated legal databases for state government. The Division of Administrative Rules pays for state executive branch access to this contract. In return, executive branch agencies have free access to a CD subscription or an online product that LexisNexis calls Utah Primary Law (formerly known as Utah Law on Disc).

The Utah Primary Law product includes the following legal resources:

  • Utah Code Annotated, 1953,
  • Utah Session Laws for 2007,
  • Utah Legislative Rules,
  • Utah Code Annotated Citator,
  • Utah Constitutional Convention Proceedings,
  • Utah Court Opinions,
  • Federal Judicial Decisions (related to Utah),
  • Utah Court Rules Annotated,
  • Utah Administrative Code Annotated,
  • Utah Tax Advisory Opinions,
  • Utah Tax Commission Decisions,
  • Utah Public Service Commission Decisions,
  • State Records Committee Appeal Decision Summaries,
  • Utah Executive Documents,
  • Opinions of the Attorney General,
  • Utah Law Reviews, and
  • Utah State Bar Ethics Advisory Committee Opinions

State employees may access the Utah Primary Law extranet site from any computer with a state-assigned IP address by pointing their browser to .

Executive Branch employees needing access to the Utah Primary Law CDs may contact Ken Hansen (801-538-3777) for more information.

LexisNexis also makes a copy of the Utah Code Unannotated available free of charge to anyone. This product is available at .