Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Researching Administrative Rules

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The staff at the Utah State Law Library has published a guide to researching Utah administrative rules.   “Researching Utah Administrative Law” appears in the March/April 2009 Utah Bar Journal (Vol. 22, No. 2). The Utah Bar Journal (http://www.utahbarjournal.com/) is available online.  A PDF version of the Journal can be found at http://www.utahbar.org/barjournal/pdf/2009_march_april.pdf.  The article begins on page 39 of the PDF document.  An HTML version of the article is available at http://webster.utahbar.org/barjournal/2009/03/researching_utah_administrative_law.html. The Division commends the efforts of Jessica Van Buren, Director, and Mari Cheney, reference librarian, at the Utah State Law Library. UPDATE 4/10/2013: The Utah Bar has redesigned its website.  The links listed above are now invalid.  An HTML version of the article is now available at http://www.utahbar.org/utah-bar-journal/article/researching-utah-administrative-law/.