eRules Browser Requirement

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The Department of Technology Services programmed eRules, the application agencies use to file rules with the Division, to a standard set of specifications. These specifications include operability with Internet Explorer 7 and higher, and Firefox 3 and higher. eRules was not programmed to work with, nor has it been tested with other web browsers. The Division is aware of problems associated with using other browsers, including Google Chrome, with the eRules application. Validations written into eRules that help agencies make certain that the filing is complete do not work in these browsers. As a result, filings can be incomplete, in which case they are returned to the agency with the potential consequence that publication of the rule, and its eventual effective date, may be delayed. Please remember that you must use the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer when using eRules. You may direct questions or comments about browser requirements to Mike Broschinsky at 801-538-3003.