Changes to eRules

Mike Broschinsky eRules, Uncategorized

On August 24 and August 25, several changes were made to the eRules application.  Three of the changes were based on feedback we received from agency rule filers.  We hope that they will improve the usability of the application.  These changes:
  • fix the problem of old, resolved correction notice reappearing when a new correction is requested;
  • add text to the login page indicating that only Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported browsers and increase the size of the “Login” link; and
  • add text in the left navigation menu under “Proposed Rule Types” that lists the different types of proposed rules, all of which can be filed by clicking on the “Proposed Rule Types” link.
Notice of these changes was sent out over the eRules ListServ.  If you aren’t receiving those notices, and you’d like to, or if you have questions about these changes to eRules, please contact Mike Broschinsky at 801-538-3003.