ARRC Meeting 9/30/2013; Revised Draft “Administrative Rulemaking Amendments”

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The Utah Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee has scheduled its next meeting for Monday, September 30, 2013, at 9 AM in Room 445 of the State Capitol.  The agenda for the meeting has been posted online at . The third item on the agenda is “Draft bill, “Administrative Rulemaking Amendments.””   This bill proposes to amend Section 63G-3-305 dealing with the five-year review procedures and the expiration of rules not reviewed. Differing somewhat from the version presented at the September 16 meeting, this version makes additional changes to Subsection 63G-3-305(3), Subsection 63G-3-305(5), and adds an effective date section.  A copy of the draft bill (2014FL-0179/10) has been posted on the Legislature’s web site at .