2014 Rulemaking Legislation

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At its 09/16/2013 and 09/30/2013 meetings, the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee discussed a draft bill entitled, “Administrative Rulemaking Amendments.”  This bill proposes to amend Section 63G-3-305 dealing with the five-year review procedures and the expiration of rules not reviewed.  At its 09/30/2013 meeting, the committee voted to approve the bill as a committee bill.  As of 12/02/2013, the bill has not yet been numbered.  A copy of the 09/30/2013 draft bill (2014FL-0179/10) is available on the Legislature’s web site at http://le.utah.gov/interim/2013/pdf/00003423.pdf. Questions about this legislation may be directed to Ken Hansen (801-538-3777).