Proposed Changes to the Rulemaking Act

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

The Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) is considering amendments to the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act (Title 63G, Chapter 3).  A draft bill, entitled “Administrative Rules Review Committee Authority” (2015FL-0224/002) was discussed at the ARRC meeting held 10/22/2014. The bill:
  • amends Section 63G-3-102, Definitions, adding a definition for “ordinance”;
  • amends Section 63G-3-501, Administrative Rules Review Committee, making technical corrections; and
  • enacts Section 63G-3-503, Complaint process for ordinances — Committee oversight, expanding the role of the ARRC to include consideration of complaints made to the ARRC regarding political subdivision ordinances.
Following the discussion, the committee directed staff to separate into two different bills the technical changes and the substantive changes.  This issue will be discussed again at a future ARRC meeting.  The next ARRC meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, 12/08/2014.