Reauthorization of Administrative Rules

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

At its January 12, 2015, meeting, the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee approved the “Reauthorization of Administrative Rules” bill for filing.  The bill, now numbered as H.B. 37, does two things:
  1. Section 1 of the bill makes technical changes to Section 63G-3-501; and
  2. Section 2 of the bill reauthorizes all administrative rules.
Section 63G-3-501 creates the administrative rules review committee and outlines its powers and responsibilities. The law governing the reauthorization of administrative rules is found at Section 63G-3-502.  Questions about the reauthorization process may be directed to Ken Hansen, 801-538-3764.  Additional information about H.B. 37 is available online at