Our COVID-19 Response

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In these extraordinary times, the Office of Administrative Rules, as well the whole of the Department of Administrative Services, is committed to continue providing services to Utahns. In order to do so in a way that ensures quality service while following COVID-19 guidelines, we’ve had to make a few changes within our office structure.

These changes won’t impact our ability to deliver or communicate at all. Most of the Office is working from home, we’ve transitioned to video calls for meetings, and are utilizing distance and cloud technology to maintain our ongoing activities. We’re actively keeping watch on how things are going and will make changes if at all necessary. We are confident that these actions will keep everything running smoothly.

Both the Office and our services are still available and will continue to be. All emergency, proposed, and other rules can be viewed at https://adminrules.utah.gov. Executive Documents can be found at https://rules.utah.gov/executive-documents/. Other questions? Give us a call at (801) 957-7110 or send an email to rulesonline@utah.gov with any question or concern and we’ll make sure to get back to you. Our commitment to provide quality service to everyone has not changed. For further information, please refer to this letter provided by the Director of the Department of Administrative Services. Let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to see or if you would like any additional information.

The Office of Administrative Rules

(801) 957-7110 | rulesonline@utah.gov