This Week at Rules – August 12

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Hello rule readers!

We’re coming back with the second This Week at Rules talking about this week’s Front Page Focuses and introducing another new feature!

Front Page Focus

We’re jumping into this week’s Front Page Focuses with two new items: R277-515 Utah Educator Professional Standards and a link to this page here!

With a new school year starting in no time for many, it’s important to keep updated on all things Utah education. R277-515 looks in depth at the requirements and standards set for licensed educators (teachers, counselors, and so on) in Utah schools. If you’re also interested in looking at this year’s plans for school reopenings and other information, the Utah State Board of Education’s page on COVID-19 is a great reference.

You also might have come to this page by clicking our other featured link! We’ve put a focus on This Week at Rules to help spread the news of not only this new feature, but another called:


Reading and writing rules can be difficult, especially with just how much information you have to remember. We want to help out with that, and one way of doing so is by sharing tips and tricks on how to best read and write administrative rules.

Every #TipTuesday, we’ll post something interesting, new, or even hard to remember. Yesterday was our first one, and we posted about using the terms “small business” and “non-small business” within rule texts. Check it out here. Whether you’re wanting to learn more about the words and style we use while writing rules or you’re a rulewriter yourself and want a refresher here and there, #TipTuesday has you covered.

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