This Week at Rules – August 19, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we’re looking at a rule about volunteering in schools, contacting rulemaking agencies, and talking about how you can get in touch with us.

Front Page Focus

This week’s focus looks at R277-516, Professional Standards and Training for Non-licensed Employees and Volunteers. Mostly, this rule covers the expectations and requirements for volunteers without an educator’s license wanting to spend some time in Utah schools. It sets some standards for volunteer trainings and background checks and discusses standards set for licensed educators.

If you’re interested in volunteering in our schools, that’s great! With our unique situation in reopening schools, however, please contact the school or district before volunteering to understand their specific requirements.

Staying on for another week are both a link to our Codification Segue page, the location where rules not yet in the Utah Administrative Code are kept, and a link to this page. We’ll continue changing out our focused pages and are excited to see what’s popular next week!

#TipTuesday (8/18)

We continued our new Tip Tuesday feature with a post looking at how to best fill out address fields when writing a rule. For those of you reading instead of writing rules, this is useful in case you’d ever be interested in sending physical mail to a location. Make sure you use the mailing address on a rule, which is typically found below the street address in the Bulletin rule entries.

An example of where to find an agency’s mailing address from a rule in the Utah State Bulletin.

If you’re interested in finding an agency’s address and don’t have a copy of a rule nearby, no problem. Visit our Who to Contact page to find contact information for all rulemaking agencies. Speaking of contact, have we mentioned how you can…

…Talk To Us!

Exciting things are coming up – new features, more options, and better ways to access rules. All of this revolves around you, and we’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on any of these changes and anything else related to rules.

A great way to do this is by following us and sharing our content on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Have something a little more direct you’d like to talk about? Wonderful! We’re always available at

We’ll see you next week!