This Week at Rules – August 26, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we’re looking at our new Front Page Focuses and a new Tips and Tricks page on our website.

Front Page Focus

This week’s focus looks at Title R994, Workforce Services, Unemployment Insurance. Unlike other focuses that have looked at a specific rule, this includes all of the rules in Title R994. These rules cover many facets of Utah unemployment and unemployment insurance benefits and provides more detail to the Employment Security Act (Utah Code Chapter 35A-4). Each rule can be individually viewed or downloaded, and a .ZIP of all rules is also available (it’s recommended to download the .ZIP on a computer).

For rules in Title R994 that have been filed after January 1, 2020, visit the Codification Segue page, our second Front Page Focus. Finally, our last Focus, replacing this blog series, is a new page on our website titled…

Tips & Tricks

We’ve been sending out weekly tips through our Twitter and Facebook (make sure you’re following us to see these as we post!) for the last few weeks and have had a great time doing so. Some of you prefer accessing our own website or don’t want to scroll through weeks of posts to see something from the past – we hear you, and we’ve set up this page to help with that.

The Tips & Tricks page contains all of the posts that we’ve made, and will make, on our social media sites in one easily found location, sorted by the date we originally posted them. New posts will be added to this page shortly after they are posted on other sites, so we still recommend checking out our social media sites to get the information as soon as we post.

That’s it for this week – we’ll see you next time!