This Week at Rules – September 2, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we’re looking at Occupational and Professional Licensing rules, revisiting our Executive Documents page, and talking about the differences between the Utah Administrative Code and the Codification Segue.

Front Page Focus

Some of the most visited rules on our site include those having to do with specific occupations. Title R156, which looks at Occupational and Professional Licensing, includes all of these rules, and looks at things like licensing requirements, necessary qualifications, and information on renewals. The page we’re looking at is the landing page for all Occupational and Professional Licensing rules in the Administrative Code. If you’re looking for a specific trade, you can use the Find function (CTRL+F) to search for it here. We also offer downloads for the entire page, either as separate .RTFs for each rule or the collection of them in a .ZIP.

Executive Documents

Right under our Front Page Focuses are a few resources. On the right, we have a link to our Executive Documents page. This page contains Executive Documents of Utah Governors from 1993 to now. Besides hosting these documents, this page also contains a bit of information related to the different types of documents, where to find historical documents, and other general information.

Utah Administrative Code and the Codification Segue

So – what’s the difference between the Utah Administrative Code and the Codification Segue?

When a rule has been approved by the Office of Administrative Rules (and other offices if necessary) and has gone through a period of public comment, it can be become effective. An effective rule is legally valid and can be enforced by the issuing agency.

Effective rules are eventually codified, which means that they are added to the Utah Administrative Code, a list of effective rules issued by Utah agencies. The Utah Administrative Code, however, isn’t immediately updated every time a rule is made effective (there would be too many to keep up). Instead, the Code is updated a few times a year with the addition of any amended or new effective rules.

In the time between a rule being made effective and it being codified, a rule can be found on the Codification Segue, which is where effective rules are posted prior to their codification. Once a rule is codified, it is removed from the Segue and can be found in the Utah Administrative Code instead.

Our Administrative Code page lists the last-updated date at the top. Currently, it reads January 1, 2020. This means that any rule made effective past that date would be found on the Codification Segue page.

In the future, we’re going to be moving to a more user-friendly and powerful search platform at It’s still a work in progress for now, so not everything is updated yet. If something doesn’t show up, be sure that we’re working on it behind the scenes. As we get closer to a full launch of this, we’ll be sure to explore it in more depth and share more information.

Have other questions about the rulemaking process? Visit our Rulemaking Process page or send us an email at