This Week at Rules – September 9, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we’re looking at our Front Page Focuses and reviewing some of the new additions we’ve recently made.

Front Page Focus

Since they’ve been visited so much over the last week, our Front Page Focuses haven’t changed. We’re looking at Title R156, Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing, which covers licensing requirements, qualifications, and renewal information for a variety of occupations. Some of the most visited rules within Title R156 in the last week include:

Rule R156-17b. Pharmacy Practice Act Rule.

Rule R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule.

Rule R156-11a. Cosmetology and Associated Professions Licensing Act Rule.

Rule R156-55a. Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule.

All of these rules, and the rest in Title R156, can be separately viewed or downloaded as .RTF files. The entirety of R156 is also available as a .ZIP file.

The Codification Segue and Tips & Tricks pages complete our Front Page Focus. We’ll talk about both of these in the section below.

Feature Review

The last few weeks have been filled with the introductions of new pages and features. If you’ve missed a blog post or don’t quite remember the name of that page you wanted to look at later, this is for you. We’ve taken a moment to briefly cover some of the bigger changes and additions below.

Our home page was recently redesigned to focus more on what’s important to our readers and visitors. We prioritized sharing public information and the most relevant rules while keeping it easy to navigate.

Our Codification Segue page was updated to match the look and feel of the rest of the website and has the most recent collection of effective rules. While we’re looking forward to the full launch of our new AdminRules Search, the Codification Segue (and Utah Administrative Code) is, right now, the best spot to look for current rules.

The Tips & Tricks page, most recent of our new features, compiles all of the #TipTuesday and miscellaneous content posted to our social media sites in one resource. It’s a great spot to search for previous tips or browse what we’ve posted in the past and is useful to both rulewriters and the general public.

Questions or Comments?

Have a comment about something mentioned above or anything else related to rules? Call us, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, at (801) 657-7110 or send us an email at Follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for the most recent information on all things Utah rules.

We’ll see you next week!