This Week at Rules – September 23, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules, we’re looking at the new Administrative Rules Dashboard.

Front Page Focus

Moving on from last week’s Title R156, we’ve focused on Title R307, Environmental Quality, Air Quality. This title contains all of the rules related to air quality in the state, including emissions standards, guidelines and restrictions on fuel burning, quality monitoring, and more. As with other complete title pages, the entirety of R307 can be downloaded as a .ZIP file and individual rules can be accessed as an HTML page or downloaded as an .RTF.

Rounding out the Front Page Focus includes the Codification Segue and the new Administrative Rules Dashboard.

Administrative Rules Dashboard

The new Administrative Rules Dashboard is one of many new informative dashboards being rolled out by the divisions of the Department of Administrative Services. The Rules Dashboard provides a quick and easily accessible location to review rules belonging to specific agencies and their expiration dates (the dates by which a five-year review is due).

Dashboard Overview

Getting an email from eRules saying that a rule is expiring can be a stressful experience, and even more so if this date seemingly came out of nowhere. Especially in the case of rule coordinators changing positions or not being aware of filings done before them, knowing the expiration dates of your agency’s rule filings is extremely important when planning ahead and managing rules.

The Administrative Rules Dashboard hopes to help with that. Instead of digging through eRules menus, rule expiration information can be accessed by anyone with no log in and minimal effort.

Using the Dashboard

The dashboard’s layout is designed to present as much relevant information as possible while being flexible in filtering and searching capabilities. Without any filters set, the default view displays all Five-Year Review Due Dates for all agencies on the left and a visual representation of how many rules are due in each year for the next five years and a per-agency count on the right.

1: Sorted by agency, this displays the specific Rule Reference and Expiration Date for each agency’s rules. The easiest way to quickly find a specific rule.
2: A bar graph displaying how many rules are due in which year. Good for general planning, this provides the number of expiring rules on the Y-axis and the year on the X-axis.
3: Similar to the bar graph, this presents the total number of reviews due in the given year.

To filter and sort by agency, simply use the Agency and Title bars on the top of the data container. The Agency filter option displays a list of state departments and the Title filter displays the specific division, commission, office, or similar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is saying I do not have access to this service. How do I gain access?
    • If you are with the Department of Health, due to HIPAA guidelines, the Google Data Studio software used to generate the report has been blocked. Those rules can be found in the report linked at the top of the Dashboard page.
    • Not with the Department of Health? Contact the Office of Administrative Rules by sending us an email.
  • No rules are appearing/all I see is a blue loading bar
    • Your internet browser might be blocking third-party cookies. Try enabling third-party cookies in settings.
    • You might be using an unsupported browser. Up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are supported. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • The Agency and Title drop down menus stay opened after I click them. How do I get them to retract?
    • To get these menus to retract again, click somewhere inside of the report container. This is the portion of the screen with the data and has a solid white background.

We hope the Dashboard proves to be a useful reference over time. Contact with any questions or concerns about the Dashboard or anything else administrative rules.

We’ll see you next week!