This Week at Rules – October 14, 2020

Brody Mangum Public News

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we’re looking at updates to our Administrative Rules Dashboard and talking about our upcoming search function.

Front Page Focus

Rule R156-55a, Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule, leads the Front Page Focus today as our most frequently visited rule in the past week. R156-55a looks at numerous elements of the construction trade, including licensing requirements and restrictions for a variety of contractor positions, required education for these positions, and information on possible certifications. We’ve also got the Codification Segue and Publications pages rounding out this week’s Front Page Focus.

Dashboard Updates

A few weeks ago, we introduced our new Administrative Rules Dashboard. This page allows anyone to view expiration dates for effective rules from all state agencies. We’ve expanded upon this by adding new data and a section answering common questions about the Dashboard. A variety of agencies under the Department of Administrative Services has created dashboards for public viewing and they can be found here.

Why does this matter to me?

While the Dashboard is definitely useful to agency employees wanting to make sure they’re on time with rule filings, it also serves a purpose for the general public. Here’s a few ideas for using the Administrative Rules Dashboard:

  • Making effective public comment – Knowing when a rule expires means knowing an excellent time to make comment. As rules expire, agencies are required to review these before filing a continuation or change. Making comment before these reviews take place might give the agency the chance to review feedback right as changes are being made.
  • Keeping current – Especially in the case of people in specific professions, knowing about the rules related to your livelihood is important. Whether it is from a desire to follow updated guidelines, check professional requirements, or make comment, its now easy to see the effective status of a rule.
  • Rule research – Researching a rule for work or homework? It’s now easier than ever to quickly reference a list of an agency’s effective rules as well as their expirations. The dashboard is flexible enough to focus on anything from a long list of rules to a single, specific rule.

Visit the Administrative Rules Dashboard and send any feedback to

Upcoming Search Feature

We’re rapidly approaching the release of the new Administrative Rules Search, replacing the current Utah Administrative Code page that we’ve been using. Visit the new site at to get a feel for the new setup. Check the RulesNews section as well as our Help page closer to release to find out more details, including navigational help. Questions about the move? Send us an email at with anything related to the transition and we’ll make sure to get back to you.