This Week at Rules – November 18, 2020

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Hello rule readers!

This week at rules we look at winter weather tire requirements and review our last few posts.

Front Page Focus

R920-6, Traction Device/Tire Chain Requirements has quickly risen to the top of the most visited rules! R920-6 discusses the requirements of traction devices (including tire chains) used on vehicles during winter weather. Now is a great time to review this and be ready for the next big snow. If you’re interested in more information regarding traction device requirements, Section 41-6a-1636 of the Utah Motor Vehicle Act specifically discusses tire studs, tread depth, and a bit more on tire chains.

The Codification Segue and a link to today’s blog post round out our Front Page Focus for this week.

New Search Review

We’ve been spending some time on recent blog posts. covering the upcoming transition to our new AdminRules Search. If you missed out on them, visit our November 4th post, which talks about what’s going to happen to the current Rules website, and our October 28th post, which covers some of the features that you’ll be seeing in the new AdminRules site.

As we approach our expected release in early December, we’ll continue to respond to questions about this transition. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send an email to

Executive Documents

Now is a time where we’re seeing an increased number of these documents. Stay educated by following our Executive Documents page, which contains executive orders, proclamations, and other documents straight from the Governor’s Office. Finally, a reminder that our monthly Utah State Bulletin also contains executive documents published during the Bulletin’s issuing period.

We’ll see you next week!