This Week at Rules – December 2, 2020

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hello rule readers!

Front Page Focus

R277, Education, Administration has taken the first spot on our Front Page Focus. R277 contains rules specific to education, from teaching and educator licensing to extracurricular activity participation. Information here can apply to public, private, charter, and online schools. R277, and the rules contained within, can be downloaded individually or as the entire title in a ZIP file.

Our next few focuses are the Codification Segue and a recent This Week at Rules post where we answered questions about our upcoming search features.

New Search Update

We’re getting closer to our new search site by the week! While we continue working behind-the-scenes to get everything ready for our launch, check out this compilation of FAQs answering common questions about the new search site and transition and be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our social posts are the fastest way to hear about new updates and information straight from our office.

eRules Five-Year Review Bug Update

Rulewriters and rule coordinators,

Yesterday, we posted about a bug discovered in the eRules filing system. Essentially, a five-year review is listed in eRules as a filing type that was previously used. For example, a five-year review submitted a few months after an amendment would be listed as an amendment. This is only a visual bug. The actual five-year review is still recognized as one in the system and, as long as it is completed properly and accepted by our office, will go through just fine and extend the rule’s expiration for another five years.

We’re working on fixing this and will let you know as we make progress. Again, any five-year reviews submitted are received, just displayed incorrectly. If you’d like to verify that your five-year review was received or you have any other questions/information about this bug, please reach out to, where we’d be happy to assist in any way we can.

Have a great week!