This Week at Rules – December 16, 2020

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hello rule readers!

This week at rules, we take a look at a CPA Licensing rule and review a few of our resources.

Front Page Focus

This week, we’re looking at R156-26a, Certified Public Account Licensing Act Rule, which has grown quite a bit in popularity over the last week. R156-26a takes a look at the education, experience, and examination requirements for CPA licensure. It also provides information on license renewal and reinstatement as well as general CPA license information. This rule relies on the Certified Public Accountant Licensing Act, found in the Utah Code.

We’re wrapping up this week’s Front Page Focus with links to the Codification Segue as well as Frequently Asked Questions regarding our transition to the new AdminRules Search site.

Executive Documents

This year has seen an increase in published executive documents. Visit our Executive Documents page to stay up-to-date on current orders as well as review older ones.

Tips & Tricks

As 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to invite you to review the tips that we’ve shared over the year. Meant to help read, write, or interact with administrative rules, we’ve compiled these onto a Tips & Tricks page, updated weekly with new tips. Be sure to also follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more!