This Week at Rules – December 30, 2020

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hello, rule readers!

This week at rules we look at a wastewater systems rule and cover future design changes.

Front Page Focus

Rule R317-4, Onsite Wastewater Systems is our rule focus this week. R317-4 discusses all things wastewater systems, including permit requirements, design, construction, and installation, inspections, and more. Last week’s rule focus, Rule R156-60. Mental Health Professional Practice Act Rule, still being visited regularly as of today, stays on with the Codification Segue to wrap up this week’s Front Page Focus.

Utah Administrative Code Page Changes

The current Utah Administrative Code and specific title and rule pages are being updated with a new, easier-to-navigate design that will begin appearing in the next few days. This updated look and feel better matches the rest of our site’s design, offering a consistent navigating and reading experience across all sections of our site.

An example of the new page design.

All of the navigational tricks you’ve used before are still available. Quickly click on any section of a rule in the table of contents to skip directly there, use your browsers Find function to search for key terms, and enable Accessibility Options, like Large Text Viewing, at any time by selecting them on the top left of the page. Furthermore, any pre-existing Bookmarks, Favorites, or Saved Pages will not be affected and should still work as before.

You might notice that there’s a new, blue notice at top of each page, similar to the one we introduced a few weeks back. We’re still transitioning towards the new and improved AdminRules Search, but wanted to improve the reading experience for those who are still interested in using our current pages.

As we rollout these changes, please feel free to share your questions, experiences, or any other feedback directly to