This Week at Rules – January 13, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

This week at rules, we’re looking at real estate rules and a few updates to our services.

Front Page Focus

R162-2f, Real Estate Licensing and Practices Rules, is our fastest-growing rule this week in viewcount, and we’re taking a look at it today. R162-2f contains information on the certification requirements for a variety of positions in the real estate business, including sales agents, brokers, and more. Beyond this, it also covers general standards for certain practices, including property management, recordkeeping, and other real estate-related items.

We’re also including R317-4, Onsite Wastewater Systems, for another week because of its popularity, and the Codification Segue, which has been recently updated for accuracy.

Administrative Rules Dashboard Updates

A few months ago, we introduced our Administrative Rules Dashboard. This dashboard provides a spot to view all current filings belonging to a specific agency or title, five-year review due dates for those rules, and other statistics. We’ve recently taken the time to review the dashboard and update all information for 2021.

As you review the updated dashboard data, please refer any questions or comments to the Administrative Rules Dashboard Coordinator, available at

Codification Segue Updates

The Codification Segue is where rules awaiting codification are located (click here for more information). As we continue our transition to our new AdminRules Search, which contains the Utah Administrative Code, we’ve also reviewed the Codification Segue site.

Rules that have been codified and are available through the AdminRules Search have been removed from the Codification Segue. Bookmarks or saved links to these rules might not work, but each one of these rules can be found in their official state by searching for them on

For assistance in locating these rules or help with any other Rules issue, please contact us at