This Week at Rules – January 20, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

This week at rules, we’re learning who to contact with rule questions.

Front Page Focus

This week, we’re continuing to watch both R317-4, Onsite Wastewater Systems, and R162-2f, Real Estate Licensing and Practices Rules, which have both continued to climb in views. R317-4 covers design, permit, and maintenance requirements of wastewater systems and R162-2f discusses licensing requirements for a variety of positions within the real estate field.

These rules are accompanied by a redesigned Codification Segue, rounding out this week’s Front Page Focus.

Who Do I Contact With Questions?

Reading rules can be a daunting task. Even here at the Office, where what we do are administrative rules, we regularly turn to the experts when we have questions. Sometimes, we are the experts. Other times, a different agency might have a better answer. How do you figure out who to contact?

The best questions for the Office of Administrative Rules are ones about rule hosting, the rulewriting process, and other things related to the administration of rules. While we codify and publish all rules for the state, we do not write them. The submitting agencies have their own rulewriters who compose the rule text and content. If the question is about that content, it’s usually best to directly contact the rulewriting agency.

Contact information for other agencies can be found in a few places. If you’re reviewing the Utah State Bulletin or Digest for a specific rule, contacts can be found under the Agency Information box preceding the rule text.

Example of contact information as seen in the Utah State Bulletin and Utah State Digest

If you’re taking a look at the Utah Administrative Code through, you’ll find a Contact Agency link next to the agency name in the Results section.

Example of Contact Agency link on the Utah Administrative Code

We recently did a review of our Who to Contact About a Rule? page, making sure that all of the phone numbers, websites, and names are correct. You’ll also find tips here on how to find which agencies are behind which rules.

Contacting the right agency is the best way to get your question answered quickly and correctly. If you’re still unsure on who to contact, or have a question about anything else, reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help.