This Week at Rules – February 3, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hello, rule readers!

This week at rules, we’re taking a look at a few tips to help you get the best out of the new AdminRules Search.

Front Page Focus

After dropping in views for a few weeks, R156-55a, Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule, has made its way back up to the top. This week’s Front Page Focus, R156-55a covers the licensing qualifications and requirements for a variety of construction, technician, and similar occupations.

R156-55a is joined by R162-2f. Real Estate Licensing and Practices Rules and the Utah Administrative Code Codification Segue.

New Search Tips

It’s been a week since we moved our Utah Administrative Code links to our new AdminRules Search. We’re thrilled to see the new system get some use and look forward to hearing how it’s impacted the way we all work with rules. We thought we’d spend a bit of time this week going over a few tips for the new site and sharing some of the most useful features in the system.

Finding rules using the new Search is made easier by a set of search tools and filters that can applied at any time. We’ll go over three tips below, each of which covers these tools in some way.

Know what to put in the search box.

In our old system, it was best to look for a rule by using the rule title or number. With our new system, keywords are better supported, so simply searching terms that exist in the rule text is more likely to present that rule. This is useful if you’re unsure on the rule number or want to browse a specific topic.

Look for specific rule types using filters.

Our new filters, located just below the search bar at the top of the page, allow you to search specific rule types. Whether you’re looking for emergency rules, want to browse through current rules, or are interested in seeing some proposed rules, simply check the boxes next to these rule types and click the search icon. Combine this with the keyword tip above to further narrow your search.

Leave the search bar blank to view the entire Code.

Remove any text in the search bar and click the search icon to show all of the rules under the selected rule type. For example, selecting only the Emergency Rules box, leaving the search bar empty, and clicking the search icon will show all current emergency rules. Similarly, selecting only the Current Rules box and searching with no keyword will provide all current rules.

Hopefully a few of the above tips will help you better locate and browse rules in the Administrative Code. As you spend more time with the AdminRules Search, reach out and let us know how it’s going. Find us on Twitter and Facebook or send us an email at