This Week at Rules – March 10, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hi, rule readers!

Front Page Focus

If you’re looking to work at or start a food truck, you’re not alone! We’ve seen good growth in views for R392-102, Food Truck Sanitation. R392-102 takes a look at food truck regulation, including cleaning operations, inspections, and requirements.

R392-102 is with R156 and all Current Rules on eRules, wrapping up this week’s front page focus.

(Even More) Codification Segue Updates

We’ve spent some time recently talking about the Codification Segue, which has shifted from its original purpose towards one of providing a temporary space for rules during our eRules transition. For more information on this, visit our February 24 RulesNews post, which goes over this change in greater detail.

Knowing that the accessibility of rules is important, we’ve made further changes to the Segue page to enhance user functionality. First, we’ve added a few usability features, with a Table of Contents and a Back to Top link at the bottom of the page for faster navigation. The hosted rules have also all been standardized to the same format and are now easily downloadable in the .pdf format. This should make keeping offline or backup copies far easier than before.

We’ve also transitioned the page to a different host, which means faster rule updates and better compatibility with modern browsers, especially on tablets and mobile devices. Below, we’ve answered a few common questions about this recent change:

Does the page look or feel any different?

Except for the addition of the Table of Contents and the Back to Top link, the page looks and functions as it did before on desktop browsers. On tablets and mobile, it should be easier to navigate, with content that automatically resizes based on your device’s screen size.

Is the web address (URL) the same?

Due to the change in host, the web address for the Segue has changed to

Will my old bookmarks still work?

While we’re keeping the previous page available, bookmarks, saved pages, and favorites should be changed to the new URL. The older version of the site will no longer be updated with the most recent rules and will instead be changed to redirect users to the new location.

Why make this change in the first place?

The goal with this change is to ensure that future updates are added as quickly as possible as well as to modernize the site. More visitors are using mobile devices and tablets, and today’s changes make the Segue a far more usable place for them.

My question isn’t answered here. Who can I contact?

Reach out directly to with any questions about this change or anything else administrative rules.