This Week at Rules – May 5, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hi, rule readers!

This week at Rules, we’re reviewing our recent changes and additions.

Front Page Focus

Title R156, Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing, is this week’s Front Page Focus. Title R156 contains rules that provide licensing guidelines and information for a variety of occupations.

The new Subscription page and the updated Codification Segue are our other Front Page Focuses.

Updates from the Office

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Office of Administrative Rules, with us releasing our new Subscription service, updating our Codification Segue based on user feedback and requests, and revamping how to best access the Utah Administrative Code. We’ve decided to take some time to briefly review those topics, in case you’ve missed any of our recent posts:

New Subscription Service

We introduced the new Administrative Rules Subscription service last week. By signing up for this, you’ll be able to receive email notifications when we publish new issues or versions of the Utah State Bulletin, Utah State Digest, and our RulesNews blog posts. Simply visit the Subscription page, enter an email address, and select which publications you’d like email notifications for.

Codification Segue Updates

We’ve been listening to requests for rules to be added to the Segue page. In many cases, the rules we add to the Segue are ones that are difficult to find using the eRules search. While we continue to improve eRules functionality, we’ve added the requested rules to the Codification Segue.

Administrative Code Updates and Feedback

A few weeks ago, we changed the way that the Administrative Code is accessed. Direct links to titles and rules hosted through the domain now redirect to the new eRules search, where the most updated version of the Administrative Code resides. Taking feedback from the public and other state departments, we’ve modified these redirects to take the user directly to a different page that both allows for a search and displays the current Administrative Code.

As always, feel free to let us know how we’re doing. Send feedback to about any of the above and check out our social media on Facebook and Twitter for Rules updates.